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Celebrate Eid in UAE

Making Eid Memorable with Family and Friends in the UAE


It has been announced by Gulf News that Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on 24th September, with the private sector to be given at least three days for Eid Al Adha. It is likely to run into the weekend resulting in a 3-4 day break. The long weekend is a good opportunity for everyone to celebrate EID and unwind. For the busy people who haven’t started planning already, there is a lot that you can do right here in the UAE and make this...

Financial Health Check Up

Examine your financial health to get answers to some basic questions on Investments, Insurance, Savings and more...

  • Is your current Insurance enough to cover your loved ones expenses?
  • Do you have enough savings for an emergency?
  • Have you invested enough in the stock market?
  • Are your current savings enough to take care of you after retirement?
  • Can you borrow more and invest or are you heading towards a debt trap?
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Plan A Big Occasion

Make your BIG DAY even more special by planning ahead.

Plan the journey to your wedding/dream destination/ holiday season/perfect retirement with these FREE Tools





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Debt Management

Work out the numbers on your loans and look for opportunities to save every dirham.
Review your current loans to figure out how you can reduce your monthly payments and become debt free quickly. Use our tools to understand the different loans and which loans you need to pay off quickly.
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