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Car Loans
Interest/Profit Rate
Maximum Loan Amount
 2.49 %
 250000 AED
 3.99 %
 350000 AED
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Special Offers on Car Loans for everyone

Special Offers on Car Loans for everyone

Planning to buy a Car soon? Go through these special offers to see if there's one suitable for you.
Get your pick from Nissan,Volkswagen, Peugot to Mercedes and Porsce. Save thousands of dirhams in interest payments with these great offers.

Offers for Loan on New Cars

1. 100% Finance offer from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.
ADIB Car Ijarah offers a Low interest rate starting at just 3.99% p.a. along with these benefits:

  • A long loan tenure ...

Documents you need for a Car Loan

1.  Valid Emirates ID copy & Passport copy with valid residence visa ...

Best Rates

Car Loan
Interest/ Profit Rate
Used Car Loans
2.49 %
New Car Loans
2.25 %
0 %
Car Refinance
4.2 %

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