Best Rates for Banking Products in UAE- The official List

Best Rates for Banking Products in UAE- The official ...

Are you looking for best rates for investing or borrowing. Our research gets you the best rates in Deposits, Car Loans, Mortgages and Personal Loans.

Get the Best Rates for Bank Deposits across different time periods.
1. Get a rate of 3.25% p.a. for 3 years with CBI ...

What offers can you use on your Credit Card?

What offers can you use on your Credit Card?

Enjoy discounts and prizes from the Credit Cards you use daily. Use a Credit Card that suits your need and get more value from the spend.

1. Cheque against Credit Card. Now you ...

Rate Watch

Interest/Profit Rate
Maximum Loan Amount
6.66 % 
1000000 AED 
7 % 
250000 AED 
9 % 
125000 AED 

Interest/Profit Rate
Maximum Loan Amount
2.25 % 
918000 AED 
2.35 % 
500000 AED 
2.49 % 
250000 AED 
Interest/Profit Rate
Maximum Loan Amount
3.75 % 
15000000 AED 
3.75 % 
15000000 AED 
3.75 % 
5000000 AED 

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MoneyCamel Pick

Al Khair Liabilities Settlement

Interest/Profit Rate : 5.5 %  Maximum Loan Amount : 250000 AED 
Maximum Loan Tenure : 48 Months  Late Payment Fees :  

Home Loans for Expatriates

Interest/Profit Rate : 3.75 %  Maximum Loan Amount : 15000000 AED 
Maximum LTV : 55 % of Property Value  Maximum Loan Tenure :  

ADIB Current Account

Average Balance : 5000   Relationship Fees : 0 AED 
Free Monthly Transactions : Unlimited   ATM withdrawal limit : 20000 AED(daily) 
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